Mardock Scramble: The First Compression – Have You Seen This Anime?

Mardock Scramble – Introduction The First Compression Mardock Scramble (マルドゥック・スクランブル, Marudukku Sukuranburu?) is the name for a series of novels by Tow Ubukata, which were later adapted into a manga series and a trilogy anime film series. The story is about a girl named Rune Balot who was taken in by a man named Shell who later tried to kill her and left her for dead. She is saved and turned into a cyborg. It is up to her to...

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To Love-Ru – Trouble – Darkness 2nd – for 2015

  To Love-Ru – Trouble – Darkness 2nd – New Season 2015 NEXT PAGE:>> The following article is an extract from the original article by: Chris Beveridge, The Fandom Post It’s been a mostly quiet affair as we get closer to the release of the latest season of this franchise with To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness 2nd. We’d learned previously that the show was going to get a summer 2015 debut after some banners...

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Ninja Scroll – Classic Anime

Trapped into a mission not of his choosing, Jubei finds a powerful reason to fight. Ninja Scroll (The original 1993 movie) … another classic anime available again on Blu-ray – WARNING: This anime movie has some very violent scenes and some sexually explicit content that may not be suitable for younger viewers I saw Ninja Scroll (Movie) many years ago and was at first a little shocked at the violence and sexual content...

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