Code Geass – Back to the Beginning


Code Geass – Back to the Beginning

If you haven’t had a chance to see any episodes of Code Geass, it is well worth a look. The video below is a theatrical trailer for the series. This will really help anyone new to Code Geass to get a good understanding of what the story is about and to see who the main characters are.

The following extract is from an article from Anime News Network

Code Geass offered a lot of intrigue and political satire, and a main character that is rich in contradictions. The tides of battle were always changing and similarly, alliances were as frail as a castle of sand arrayed against a stormy sea. Mix this in with gratuitous amounts of Pizza Hut product placement, nosebleed inducing fanservice, and a line up of mecha that undoubtedly topped up Bandai’s coffers in sales of model kits then you’ll agree, this show had tonnes to offer. Indeed it’s probably the more ambitious and grand of all the titles released in that season, typical of most Sunrise titles. And did I mention the character designs were Clamp’s? Animation quality was pretty good, though as with any of Clamp’s stylised character designs it may take a bit of getting used to if you’ve come from other mecha anime like Gundam before. On that note, one other thing that gave Code Geass its wide appeal is its ability to attract female viewers (at least in western circles). The flowing and often effeminate appearance and action of the characters, together with the sometimes poetic words and delivery of Zero’s speeches make this almost like Ouran High School Host Club but with robots, lasers and missiles. Rarely will you see a mecha series have this much bright colours. Read more …

Article Source: Anime News Network Image Source: MD3-Designs


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