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The vampire Alucard is a product of the Hellsing family, he is the ultimate rouge vampire.  The Hellsing organization sends Alucard to hunt and kill vampires, and he is very good at it. But there are sinister forces behind the growing number of vampires. Alucard fights along side his reluctant vampire servant, Seras Victoria, who is a fallen police women.  She is the token sweet female in the series, but she is more than Alucards plaything. Even though he insists on belittling her and refers to her as”Police Girl”, there is a strange master servant bond that seems to be developing. They make a bizarre team. But this is not an anime for the timid or fainthearted. There is lots and lots of bloody killing. So be warned this is not an anime for young children. The following is an extract from a Hellsing Ultimate review article by: THEM Anime Reviews

I honestly don’t think that there is much out there like Hellsing Ultimate.

It is both a show that takes itself seriously to the utmost degree, honestly attempting to explore the question of what is human and what is monstrous, and yet it is also a show that basks in its gloriously ridiculous sense of spectacle and grandeur. It is a show without restraint, its villains are cackling madmen and so are some of its heroes at points, and much of its dialogue isn’t speech but speeches filled with rhetoric and philosophy. It is so heavy-handed and absurd yet so awesome and gratifying that Hellsing Ultimate may just be beyond my criticism. All I can say is that you have to see it for yourself.

Hellsing captures something that allows the show to work. That thing is the spirit of Crazy/Awesome and at the heart of it resides the character of Alucard. Even from the first glance Alucard looks fantastic; he has the psychotic smile, the cool jacket and a complete disregard for anything other than his own amusement. You can’t call Alucard a hero, even the term anti-hero seems to give the character too much credit, and this is the guy we are meant to be rooting for. He is callous, literarily bloodthirsty and a barely contained evil but he has so much style that we can understand the role he plays in the story and yet still love every second he is on the screen even if he is just popping up to curb-stomp a pitifully out-of-their-depth villain who are often less monstrous and evil than Alucard himself (though not always)… to read the full article, go to: THEM Anime Reviews

Source: THEM Anime Reviews


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