My Favourite Anime of 2014

I have included an excerpt from a very good, favourite anime list from Koda. It’s not the definitive list … and doesn’t claim to be, but I think if you read it through, you will get some good ideas for future anime viewing. There are certainly some anime that I haven’t come across during 2014, which I will definitely be researching in 2015.

Yes, yes, yes, yet another “Top whatever amount of anime from 2014” list. Ah, but this isn’t just a strictly my Top (blank) overall favorites (oh to be sure, there is that (in a manner of speaking) as well). You see, I loved a hell of a lot of anime this year. I saw well over 100 of them in 2014, in fact. So there is just no way I can do all of the ones I liked justice by just doing a Top 5 or Top 10 list. So in addition to that list, I am going to be listing my favorites in different categories, such as my Favorite Story, or Favorite Fantasy, etc. As for what is or isn’t “eligible” well it is simple, it had to complete at least one season in 2014 (if it was a series) or it had to be first released in 2014 if it was a movie or online release (sorry The Wind Rises, that means you are out, because you first came out in 2013).

So before were get into this bad boy, let me just say what a hell of a year this has been. This year was the first full year I’ve seen anime in since I came back from my hiatus from the medium (last year I started in the Spring season). And god damn did this year really shake up my Top 10 personal favorites list, both from seeing some of the better shows from past years via the Ani-Club and from the shows of this year. To put that into perspective, 2013 only put 2 new shows into my Top 10 favorites (Arpeggio of Blue Steel and Silver Spoon). 2014, however, managed to shove new shows into that list (Steins;Gate and Durarara!! via the Ani-Club being 2 of them, the other 3 being shows that I’ll talk about later), in doing so, actually knocking Arpeggio out in the process … read more of this excellent article at:

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… the following videos are from my favourite post of 2014.



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