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Sword Art Online II

Sword Art Online – Death Gun. I love the quality of Sword Art Online and the storyline always keeps you wondering, “Where are they going with this now?” Following is a review of Sword Art Online II from: Anime News Network. I don’t necessarily agree with the writers feelings about this series, as I’ve really enjoyed this series so far and I was eagerly awaiting the release of this new material. Although the short teaser video is good, I can’t help looking out for the “… gratuitous ass shot of the female sniper character …” I think I’ll see how the story unfolds, wait for some feedback from the serious fans of Sword Art Online, before I write down my own review.

Okay, so there’s a new VMMO and it’s called Gun Gale Online, so instead of swords and shields, we have guns. The episode opens with a talk show where one of the hosts is explaining how the balance in the game has changed and dumping skill points into agility won’t work as a catch-all strategy anymore when a cloaked guy walks up and shoots the screen, killing him! DEATH GUN is his name, which is also the name of his gun!

THE DEATH GUN! I wonder if someone’s like “Hey, Death Gun!” and he’s like “are you talking to me?” and the guy’s like “no, I was referring to the gun”. Smash cut to our heroine Asuna, freed from her fan service damsel-in-distress cage at the end of the last season, meets up with Kirito at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, where Kirito spouts a bunch of Wikipedia facts about the place and the two discuss their future. Kirito wants to design an all-new man-machine interface to replace the one currently on the market and become a “creator” himself, and Asuna wants to marry him and be together forever and make him sandwiches and probably have his babies. Oh, to have Kirito-kun’s babies. They’d be the best babies in the whole world, although nobody could really explain why if you asked directly. Anyway. Kirito meets up with the guy who came to see him in the hospital when he woke up in the first series, and he explains that the guy DEATH GUN shot in Gun Gale Online was found dead in his apartment from acute heart failure that occurred exactly when he was shot in the game! The two agree that there’s no way the virtual death could’ve caused the real one, but they’d better send in Kirito to meet with Death Gun just to make sure. After all, some reactionary jerkoff might try and use these deadly incidents to slow the unrelenting march of commercial technological progress, and that can’t be allowed to happen. Kirito’s on the case! Then there’s a gratuitous ass shot of the new female sniper character inside Gun Gale Online taking out some dudes. Will she fall in love with flawless Kirito?! I didn’t read the novels so I have no idea but based on this show’s history I’m gonna guess “yes”. I assume I’ll be corrected shortly. So this is more Sword Art Online. The production values are handsome as expected and the gang’s mostly all here – this episode is pure setup, and if I didn’t know what I knew about the way this franchise operates I’d probably say “hey, this could be good! What potential!” but instead I’m going to sit back and see just how dumb and potentially gross it gets. Sword Art Online II might be the first anime I legitimately hate to watch every week. If you feel the same way as I do, about this massively successful juggernaut of dubious anime entertainment and want to see where it goes, there’s no shame in diving down that rabbit hole again, right? Right.

Source: Anime News Network Image Source: Anime News Network Video Source: YouTube Channel – AniplexUS


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