Top 10 Anime Dub Voice-Over Actors

Top 10 Anime Dub Voice-Over Actors

It’s great to watch new anime as soon as it’s released … but because the dialog will be in Japanese, and with no English subtitles, it can be a little hard to follow the story. Then we get to see our favourite anime episodes with the English subtitles, OK, so we now have a much better understanding of what’s going on, BUT, if the anime is popular we will finally get to have the pleasure of the English dud version … this is only possible because of the immense talents of the voice-over actors. The following video from, introduces us to some of the all time great voice-over actors … you maybe surprised at the diverse range of characters that are voiced by some of these magnificent actors. For example, did you know that #6 0n the list (Steven Blum) supplied the English voice for Cowboy Bebops’ Spike Spiegel?



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