Worst Cartoons of All Time


Do you have your own list of Worst Cartoons Ever?

I was inspired to source this Top 10 WORST Modern Cartoons video because I was again subjected to a glimpse of the horror of Teen Titans Go. This cartoon makes my skin crawl and I can’t imagine anyone actually enjoying this garbage … well maybe a two year old that is attracted to vibrant colours and moving images, but when your brain actually kicks in surely you can then make the decision to find something that isn’t so awful, … but in the end it’s just my opinion and surely there must be an audience for %###&@ rubbish, because it’s still there. What do you think?

The following VIDEO presents a fairly good Top 10 Worst Modern Cartoons, some I had not had the displeasure to come across. Yes, these are really bad  … and I have to agree with the presenters opinion on all those selected for this list, but, although I have avoided the cartoon that he selected for the #1 spot, after seeing this selection of snippets I am just speechless. Please watch till the end and then add your comments … and feel free to add any cartoon that you personally think should be on this list … but somehow didn’t make it.



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