A New Episode of BATMETAL is Here!


The group of Russian animators: ArhyBES announce a new episode “Batmetal Forever”

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“No it’s not an April fools joke! We finally make Batmetal Forever and you can check it out now on youtube. Special thanks to Brendon Small and Megaforce Records for early access to “My Name Is Murder” track from new Brendon’s album “Galaktikon II”, also many thanks to all who supported us during this project!” support  ArhyBES channel on patreon.com/arhybes

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Animated Metal Parody ‘Batmetal’ – Back Story

Back in 2014, indie animation studio ArhyBES launched “Batmetal,” a series of music video parodies recasting the D.C. superhero and his allies as members of a death-metal band called the Children of Batman. Now, nearly three years after their last adventure, the crime-fighting supergroup are back in action: behold “Batmetal Forever,” the saga’s hilarious third chapter.Set to rippers by Brendon Small (“My Name Is Murder”), Dethklok (“Awaken”), Powerglove (“Batman”) and others, the new episode follows Batman and friends as they attempt to bring Joker back from the dead: first by way of black magic and the rock gods (Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury, Dio, Sid Vicious, and Lemmy Kilmeister), dubious medical practices, twerking bat-women, and of course, heavy fuckin’ metal.Keeping in line with the series’ tradition of wacky cameos, Batman gets facetime with Harry Potter, Rick and Morty, Vin Diesel, characters from the video game Overwatch, Dethklok, and others as he goes about his quest.

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WARNING: Viewer Discretion is advised!



 ArhyBES once again combine Batman and Dethklok to create a funny animated death metal music video. Set to Dethklok’s Awaken, the video sees Batman, Batgirl and their friends seek the help of characters from different worlds to try and revive the Joker … but what next, how can they top Batmetal Forever





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