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I’m really starting to love Akame ga Kill, it seems to have everything going for it. I have included a video of episode 19, it’s a Japanese version, but it does have English sub titles. Try to watch it all the way to the end … I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Please let me know what you think.

The following is an extract from a great article Akame ga KILL Episode 19 from AnimeNewsNetwork

Multiple super-powered fights go on, with a few smaller conflicts surrounding one main fight. Things get bloody. A little character development is inserted. Then someone eventually dies in dramatic fashion.

This is pretty much the stock description for the more action-oriented episodes of Akame ga KILL!, and it is exactly what episode 19 delivers. That is not meant as an indictment, however, for the series is often at its best in such episodes, and that is certainly true here. As Night Raid carries out its attack to eliminate Imperial spy Borick and the Jaegers play defense, Tatsumi and Mine team up to provide a diversion for the rest. That diversion attracts the attention of the remaining Rakshasa Demon and Seryu, who pursue the pair to a ruin-strewn cannon. As Tatsumi confronts the female Demon, Mine and Seryu reprise their head-to-head battle from episode 5. Meanwhile, in the main strike force, Susanoo and Leone confront Kurome and eventually Wave, too, while Lubbock and Akame go after the main prey and Najenda pays a little visit to Esdeath. And indeed there are some deaths, including one more long-established character finally taking a fall. To continue reading, follow the link to the full articlAnimeNewsNetwork

Video: Akame ga Kill Trailer (Sub) (1.33)

Article Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

Image Source: kissmanga.com


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