Aldnoah.Zero – Inaho Deserved to Die

Aldnoah.Zero – Inaho Deserved to Die

Aldnoah.ZeroA lot of the fans of Aldnoah.Zero are complaining that by killing off most of the shows main characters, leaves it no where to go in Season 2.  There seems to be a lack of sanity from the producers, but it will be interesting to see what new characters are to be developed in Season 2. Fans of Inaho are not happy that he was killed off (SPOILERS) … he looks so innocent and helpless … but maybe he did deserve to die.

Some fans would like to see Slaine as the only survivor … I guess there has to be at least one character who stays alive.

The following article is from The Fandom Post, and is worth reading to prepare for Aldnoah.Zero Season 2



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