Black Lagoon – Mercenaries or Pirates

Black Lagoon – Mercenaries or PiratesBlack Lagoon, 12 episodes – from 8 Apr 2006 – 24 Jun 2006 From the start Black Lagoon attempts to develop strong and complex character traits of the individuals that make up the mercenary group called Black Lagoon, whilst bombarding us with one gun battle after another. The action is almost non stop, however, there still seems to be enough time to introduce the essence of a romantic relationship between the new boy, Rock, and the sassy tough gun toting female, Rivy .. but the development of this unrealistic romance is mearely a distraction from action sequences, and who really cares, as long as we’re not kept away from the gun fights and regular scenes of Rivy leaping through the air in her trademark skimpy jean short. The following article excerpt is from Nihon Review and gives us an introduction to the basic theme of the series.



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