Bugs Bunny is – Super Rabbit

Bugs Bunny is – Super Rabbit

I recently watched an episode of The Looney Tunes Show, titled Superrabbit. It’s a parody of the DC Comics Superman movie and has all the usual Looney Tunes characters playing the main roles. The only decent video clip I could find follows this short article excerpt that will give you some idea about how the Superman was adapted to the Looney Tunes formula. It has lots of fight scenes and the animation is much better than the usual Bugs Bunny show. It’s worth watching if you get the chance.

Daffy Duck needs to sell some stuff to buy Tina a birthday gift. He decides to sell a carrot jewel that belonged to Bugs. Daffy asks Bugs why he wants to keep it. Bugs tells Daffy that he’s not an Earthling nor is name really Bugs, it’s Kalel and that he’s from the planet Crypton (with a C not a K). He also tells him he’s really Super Rabbit, former hero of Metropolis.

In the flashback, Bugs explains that he used to be a superhero and that he fought supervillains from near and far. Super Rabbit enjoys his life as a superhero; the praises, the parades, the celebrations, and the attention.

One day, Super Rabbit battles a villain named “Braniac” and foils his plan to shrink Metropolis and turn it into a tiny town.

The next night, Super Rabbit is attending a party the citizens are throwing for him, when Lex Luthor interupts and wrecks havoc. Super Rabbit removes his robotic suit and swings it out into outer space, which proves to be a big mistake.

Many years ago on Crypton, Super Rabbit’s father banished an evil villain known as Zod and his evil minons, Feora and Thunkian from the planet for endangering the enitre planet. Zod vows to destroy Super Rabbit and rule the universe.

Thanks to Super Rabbit’s carelessness, the villains are freed from their evil prison and are given superpowers and go down to Metropolis to get rid of Super Rabbit … to read more of this article

Article Source: LooneyTunesShow.wikia.com

Image Source: nickandmore.com



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