Elfen Lied – Is it Good Anime or Just Gory



If you can make it through the first half of episode 1, then you will probably enjoy the rest of the series. But before commencing the viewing experience that is the anime series Elfen Lied, there  is a great deal of gory violence and some nudity. So, this is not an anime for young viewers. Some have said that Elfen Lied is full of fan service, but this is not what I would describe as fan service. There is no blatant flashes of “pantsu” or jiggly boobs, this is just (dare I say), tastefully done animated nudity that is a part of the introduction of the main character.



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  1. This would have to be one of the best series out there in my opinion. Don’t even get me started on what fan service really is. The only fan service I received from this was blood and gore…… I am a little f!/รท&$ lol

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  2. It was a great anime that pushed the predictably most animes have it was bloody and funny and wasn’t as storylined as most it was different than most and that’s what made it better plus everyone likes a lot of violence

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  3. I only watched two episodes but it’s kinda cool I do want to know what happens how many seasons is there

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  4. When I watched it I loved it but the end left a lot to be desired. I was told it got canceled so they smashed the end into one episode which was sad because I thought it was really good

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