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Every fan of Fairy Tail will have their favourite battles, because Fairy Tail is a shonen (a manga/anime aimed at young boys) so the main focus of each episode centres around one battle or another even at the expense of good story telling. It’s not that the stories are not good, because most are imaginitive and full of surprises. The problem is that the majority of the stories are full of improbable outcomes and outrageous holes in the plot. The quality of the animation in Fairy Tail is excellent and the fight scenes are usually well done.  … and no matter who fights who, the members of the Fairy Tale guild always win, because remember this is a shonen and the hero always wins.

The following videos are all epic battle scenes with the addition of some excellent soundtracks. Plus the final full episode fight is really worth watching, even for those of us who are not really fans of Fairy Tail.

Image Source: WallPB (DeviantArt)



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  1. The fights 1.) are funny on top of being epic, 2.) don’t last for a friggin 10 episodes!!!

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