Lupin III – The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

The following article excerpt is from Digitally and gives us an important introduction to the character, Arsène Lupin III, as we take a look at the DVD release of Lupin III – The Women Called Fujiko Mine.

It’s important to explain the history behind this brilliant anime series before we talk about the anime itself.
French literature has an equivalent to Sherlock Holmes, his name is Arsène Lupin. Like Sherlock Holmes, Lupin is a roguish gentlemen, but unlike Holmes, Lupin is a thief. The stories of his escapades, as written by Maurice Leblanc, has captivated French readers for decades and inspired more entertainment than people probably realise.

Then, in 1967, Kazuhiko Katō (Monkey Punch), created the Lupin III manga series. Starring Arsène Lupin III (the grandson of the original), the manga ramps the style of the novels up to 11. Lupin makes a game of his thievery by sending a calling card to his victims before he robs them, making him the kind of charismatic genius that makes a fundamentally immoral activity appealing. It’s the same kind of appeal that made the likes of Ocean’s Eleven so popular. 

One of Lupin’s occasional allies is a woman names Fujiko Mine. The love interest for Lupin, Mine is the classic femme fatale, exploiting her femininity and the sexual power over Lupin to oppose him as often as she helps him out. As a result she’s the one that often ends up with the loot. Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine is a side-series dedicated entirely towards this fascinating character. 

For people who have watched the previous anime, Fujiko Mine might take some getting used to. It is more accurate to the tone of the original manga, being both quite dark in theme, and quite sensual. As a fan of the kind of film noir from the early eras of cinema, this quite appealed to me. There were shades of Lauren Bacall’s Vivian from The Big Sleep in the way Mine goes about her business, and a touch of Bayonetta too, in the empowerment the character finds through her sexuality … read more of this article at: Digitally

Article Source: Digitally

Image Source: Digitally

… the following is a FUNimation video trailer for Lupin III – The Women Called Fujiko Mine.



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