Lupin the 3rd – What Color Jacket Now

A new lease of life for Lupin III and this time he’s in Italy and gains a new “blue jacket”. The jacket color has become a kind of series mapping device. Lupin, the master thief and his gang of misfits include Jigen Daisuke, Lupin’s gun happy marksman and Goemon Ishikawa XIII, the renegade samurai … and of course Lupin’s love interest Fujiko Mine. The following is an excerpt from an excellent article in Otaku USA Magazine

With a live-action film, Takeshi Koike-directed special, and a Castle of Cagliostro rerelease, we had dubbed 2014 the Year of Lupin.

Turns out we might’ve been off by a year.

2015 will see the debut of a new Lupin III television series the first series to star Lupin since 1985.

The series, which was announced at entertainment industry conference MIPCOM, will both take place in and premiere in Italy, where Lupin is practically a household name.

The key art unveiled at the conference shows Lupin and Jigen on top of a European rooftop, with Lupin clutching a blue jacket. In the previous three Lupin TV series, Lupin wore a different colored jacket: green, red and pink, chronologically. It’s likely fans will dub this new project the blue jacket series. The official name has not yet been announced.

A second piece of artwork shows Lupin, Jigen and what looks like Fujiko being chased in their iconic Fiat by Inspector Zenigata.

The crew for the series was also announced: Kazuhide Tomonaga, who worked on Castle of Cagliostro and Mystery of Mamo, will serve as chief director, while Yuichiro Yano (Moyashimon) will direct. Yuuya Takahashi (Daisuke Jigen’s Gravestone) will serve as screenwriter.

The newly-opened website for the new series contains messages from the crew, as well as Lupin creator Monkey Punch.

Monkey Punch: “I’m really excited about the new Lupin series. I’m looking forward to its success.” … read more

Article and Image Sources: OtakuUSAMagazine,Oricon, AnimeNewsNetwork



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  1. Blue is better then pink but I kinda prefer the green jacket and red one but I’ll watch the show for. Sure

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  2. Like most anime that’s come out in the last 3 years, I hope it suck (cause it probably will)

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  3. can’t wait to hear that old snicker he always makes XD hehehehe awesomest master mind to me hope this is as good as the original as well

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  4. Lmao i love this show except where this woman got eaten by a shark and she was drop dead gorgeous

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  5. Oh hell yeah!! Now will it be the funny lupin or the serious one? And when in the hell are the going to make a live action movie this would be the ultimate heist movie if the right person doing it.

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  6. I hope Sonny Strait plays as Lupin, TV’s Christopher Sabat as Jigen, Mike McFarland as Goemon, Michelle Ruff Voiceover as Fuji-Whore, and Richard Epcar as Zenigata in the future for FUNimation dubbing it.

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  7. I love the animation how Lupin III holds his gun with the pinky out and the shape of the characters legs also how even after animation changes it stays faithful to the original source material.

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