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Ergo Proxy – The Pulse of the Awakening

The Pulse of the Awakening is the signal initiating the end of the Proxy Project with the subsequent destruction of the remaining proxies. It is audible only to proxies. The Pulse activates involuntary genetic changes in the Amrita cells of proxies, making exposure to sunlight lethal for them.

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The Boomerang Star

The Boomerang Star was part of Project Boomerang, the main project designed to ensure the survival of the human species. It is implied to be the source of the Pulse of the Awakening.

Proxies were created by the original human survivors (referred to in the series as the “creators” or “progenitors”) after the ecological disaster that destroyed most of the Earth’s biosphere.

Proxies were an essential part of the Proxy Project. As such, their task was to preserve the remaining human population on the planet with the creation of Dome Cities artificially populated through AutoReivs and WombSys. Proxies may have also functioned as living gene banks that can repopulate human and AutoReiv individuals as needed (which is why they are required for the WombSys to function).

However, the Proxy Project itself (including the Cogito Virus) was merely a contingency plan, and the main effort for the survival of the species was in reality, Project Boomerang. This involved the planetary evacuation ship, the Boomerang Star, which allowed a part of the human species to leave Earth.

When the conditions on Earth stabilize, the Boomerang Star would return and repopulate the planet. In that eventuality, Proxies would become unnecessary at best, and at worst, a hindrance.

Original Article Source: Pulse of the Awakening | Ergo Proxy Wiki | Fandom powered …

Ergo Proxy – Bathroom Scene

“Oh, don’t let me forget Real Mayer. She’s one sexy woman. Not sexy in the stereotypical way with an out of proportion body and an annoying voice. She is more real (pun intended), she’s not overdeveloped, her voice isn’t annoying, she doesn’t have any super human powers, she isn’t a amazing when it comes to combat, and her feelings/emotions are that of a real woman/girl. It just makes her character so much more believable and real, which is why I love her so.”

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Ergo Proxy Trailer – Pulse of the Awakening

Murders are occurring across the city of Romdeau, and more Auto Reivs are being found infected with the cogito VirusRe-L Mayer, an inspector from the Intelligence Bureau, is in charge of investigating these murders along with her AutoReiv partner, Iggy. While looking into these murders, Re-L comes into contact with a mysterious creature that is neither human nor AutoReiv.

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Ergo Proxy – Carriage Scene

Ergo Proxy is notable for its beautiful animation as well as its love of Mind Screw. It contains elements of Post Cyber Punk, Steampunk, andFilm Noir; and draws motifs from advanced psychology and philosophy. 

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Ergo Proxy – A 23 Episode Sci-fi Anime Series

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